Welcome to
Veggie Single Mingle

  • Is there a joining fee?
  • No
  • Do I have to be a specific age to join Veggie Single Mingle? 
  • No, there are currently 160+ VSM members in the closed Facebook group who are aged between 23 - 48
  • Who is defined as "single"?
  • Everyone's journey in finding the "One" is different and single means being...single single, been formerly engaged, divorced or widowed and you're now ready to find the "One"
  • There is no bias and you are welcome to join 
  • How often are Veggie Single Mingles organised?
  • Approximately every 2 - 3 months in and around London 
  • Is an entry fee charged for attending aVeggie Single Mingle?
  • Veggie Single Mingles are currently organised to bear zero or very little cost to yourselves to participate in, such as your refreshment and travel costs
  • Looking forwards, the plan is to continue organising free and introduce paid activity mingles too (advance payment required to secure the activity booking)  
  • Can I come with a single friend or two to the next Veggie Single Mingle?
  •  Yes of course!...they are most welcome as long as they are Vegetarian
  • Can I come by myself? 
  • Yes of course! don't be scared or shy, come with your best smile, get ready to have fun and mingle with your fellow veggie singles and remember everyone is in the same boat as you!
  • How do Mingles work?
  • Think of it like going out with a group of friends, you come along, introduce yourself, join in the activity mingle and smile. As the host i'm present and along with my friends who                                     voulntarily help, we are on hand to help make you mingle, be comfortable and have a great time and you never know who you'll be mingling with as there are new lovely members each time!
  • How can I contact with a Vsm member I like after a mingle?  
  • I can help you with this part! 
  • You have the following options...a) If you like someone at the mingle don't be shy, go and say "hi" and if all goes well ask them if they would like to meet for a nice cup of  masala chai or                a drink or two ....
  • b)Please make sure you get the person's full name, then after the event I can facilitate contact by email and then it's over to you to take control!
  • PS. When I send an email for the "Expression of Interest" this remains private and confidential
  • Can I do anything to help out? 
  • Yes of course! Please spread the word to your family and friends. The more the merrier, and an even greater opportunity for mingling magic to happen!
  • If you'd like to help on mingle day or have an idea or suggestion then do get in touch :-)


        Please spread the word amongst your family, friends & communities to help fellow single vegetarians meet and mingle and reap some good karma for yourselves!
       The Veggie Single Mingle Story so far.....
       The idea for this was a result of meeting with family in friends in sunny July 2014, and everyone having the same grumble...an important one at that..it's becoming very difficult to meet
       Vegetarian single ladies and gents. It was then I thought to myself, surely there must be more than the few of us who are Vegetarian and searching for the "One".
       Then on the 1st August 2014, I launched the Veggie Single Mingle Closed Facebook Group and today on this auspicious day 17th September 2015,
       the Group has over 160 members and continues to grow organically. To help the Veggie Single Mingle magic happen and to reach out to fellow Vegetarians who aren't on Facebook 
       please spread the word and help fellow single Vegetarians meet and mingle!
       I look forward to meeting with you at the next mingle!
        Warm regards,